8 Week Cutting Plan


This 8 week cutting program is customized for individual who are seeking to lose body fat, enhance strength and are mentally and physically ready to achieve their ideal body decomposition. This program will give you the tools to understand your macronutrients; your calorie intake when cutting and a detailed workout plan to help you achieve the best results.

What is included in the plan:

  • 8 weeks of structured detailed programmed training with video demos
  • TDEE calculator to calculate your calorie intake during cutting phase
  • Grocery list + breakdown of your macro nutrients and how to track your calories

What you will need: 

  • A fully equipped gym with free weight dumbbells and barbells
  • A food scale/measuring cups (can be purchased on Amazon; Wallmart; Winners; Target)

You will instally have access to this download program as a PDF once purchased.  All sales are final.


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